Our highly trained Light Industrial Recruiters will match reliable workers with warehouse/distribution/manufacturing jobs.

Our temporary associates are eager to work, regardless of where your company is located. That’s why we have robust Off-Site Remote Recruiting Programs in cities around the U.S.

It may not always be possible to have a recruiting office is very city to provide temporary associates to companies, therefore we have significant Off-Site Remote Recruiting Programs in different cities where the job opportunities are.

We Host an industry-specific or position-specific Off-Site Remote Recruiting Programs at Super Markets, Community Centers, Church, Workforce Centers, etc. 



Convenient, Cutting-Edge & Dependable!

OSI offers On-site Payroll Services:  

On-site payroll distribution is a safe and cost effective method for your employees to cash their payroll checks without leaving the work site. On-site payroll service is free service that employee can benefit that can increases productivity.


We provide competent labor at a reasonable cost

·       Warehousing/Factory

·       Manufacturing/Production

·       Quality Control

·       Shipping & Receiving

·       Assembly

·       Labeling

·       Forklift Drivers

·       Loading & Unloading

·       Inventory

·       Clerical

·       Payroll

·       Class C Drivers

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